Wisdom tooth. Delete or not delete?
Western dentists categorically insist: the wisdom tooth should be removed, as they say, in the bud as soon as it shows signs of existence. Why endure the torment of cutting,…

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How long does a dental implant take root?
If one or more teeth are missing and you don’t want bridges or other prostheses, ask your dentist if the implant installation is right for you. An artificial tooth is…

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We teach you to slowly brush your baby’s teeth
Most parents do not even think about when to teach their child to brush their teeth. And they begin to acquaint the child with a brush almost from 3-4 years…

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Children’s dentistry: what do parents need to know about?

Why do you need children’s dentistry

Dental care is important at any age. As soon as milk teeth appeared, the child must be taught to brush his teeth correctly, to explain that daily oral hygiene is mandatory and extremely important. Also, with the appearance of milk teeth, the baby should be regularly taken to the dentist for an appointment.

Why do you need children’s dentistry:

By conducting regular preventive examinations in dentistry, the child does not have a fear of a dentist; Continue reading

Basic methods and teeth whitening process

A snow-white smile is the key to success. That is precisely what a large half of the population of the countries of America and Europe believes. A smile is the first thing that people pay attention to when they get to know each other, making the following conclusions about the neatness and cleanliness of a person.

In addition to smooth and healthy teeth, the enamel color attracts special attention. According to statistics, every third inhabitant of the planet is dissatisfied with his smile, which has a yellow and gray tint. Ideally, tooth enamel is transparent, and the initial shade of the units is affected by the mineral composition of the dentin. As a rule, perfectly snow-white teeth with a predominantly matte surface are also not a sign of health, but on the contrary, are considered the primary call before the development of caries.

But, scientists have proved that there are risk factors that affect a significant change in the natural color of enamel. Faced with this problem, the patient is advised to go to the dentistry and get advice from a qualified specialist. Continue reading

Bracket systems and sports: how does the lifestyle change after installation?

Of course, every person dreams of a Hollywood smile, which, at that hour, flickers on television and pages on social networks.

Many people mistakenly think that the owners of beautiful smiles are the lucky ones to whom nature gave good teeth from birth. And few people think that behind an attractive smile is a lot of work and patience.

According to statistics, more than 70% of the world’s population has problems with their teeth. Sometimes it is caries, and sometimes pathological curvature of the teeth. Continue reading

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Hollywood smile fast. Is it possible?!
“Smile - it annoys everyone!”, - is sung in one once popular song. Although smile and irritation are more likely incompatible things. How can you resist a charming, radiant and…


In order to achieve maximum results in an attempt to repeat the natural beauty of natural teeth, we use the so-called ceramic veneers. Veneer (veneer), translated from English, means “facing”,…


When does the need arise and how does tooth root removal go?
Removing the tooth root is carried out in the clinical case when it is impossible to cure and preserve the tooth. Teeth - an organ of the human body that…


Seven major violations in the design of a smile
Students and practitioners are increasingly turning to digital smile design techniques in order to directly demonstrate potential aesthetic changes to patients and members of the treatment team (including dental technicians).…