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Professional teeth whitening ZOOM: features, advantages and disadvantages of the procedure

A healthy, beautiful and snow-white smile is the secret dream of every person, even if he does not say it out loud. You can conquer with a smile, drive you crazy and leave a lasting impression.

To achieve an attractive smile is quite possible with the help of modern dentistry. This area of ​​medicine is developing at the speed of sound for the benefit of patients. Caries treatment is painless, dental implantation has become an affordable service for an ordinary citizen, and tooth whitening has become a regular procedure among Ukrainians.

What is tooth whitening?
Teeth whitening is a dental procedure, the essence of which is the application of a special gel and an apparatus that fixes the gel on the surface of the teeth. This process affects the whitening of enamel to a naturally attractive shade. Do not worry about tooth enamel, the whitening procedure is safe and painless.

When do you need to whiten your teeth?
Over time, teeth unfortunately tend to change their shade to more yellow. The process is caused by food products with a coloring effect, smoking and insufficient oral hygiene. Also, do not exclude enamel hypoplasia, pronounced tooth pigmentation and darkening of the enamel due to a trauma. Any of the reasons is the reason for contacting the clinic for an initial consultation.

There are many types of teeth whitening, but the primary classification is:

Professional whitening (ultrasound, laser, ZOOM);

Home whitening.

Professional whitening involves conducting the procedure directly in the dentist’s office. After eliminating contraindications to the procedure, the doctor selects the most effective method from the patients and the procedure is performed.

Home whitening, as the name implies, is carried out at home. But, it is important to consider that you should not self-medicate. Before conducting home whitening, you must visit a qualified specialist and get a consultation. Typically, the dentist will identify specific drugs and procedures. At the beginning, it is necessary to make an impression of the client’s jaw based on which special mouthguards will be made. Next, the dentist will advise the drug and tell you how to apply the gel and how to fix the mouthpiece. Such a simple method will allow you to quickly and efficiently whiten your teeth without extra time.

ZOOM whitening: what is it?
ZOOM whitening is one of the most popular and modern methods of teeth whitening. The system provides a delightful effect and lightening of teeth for more than 10-12 tones. The procedure is as painless and comfortable as possible, the only drawback is that it must be under the lamp for more than 1 hour. But, according to patient reviews, the effect is worth the time spent.

How does the ZOOM teeth whitening procedure go?
After consultation, the patient is located in a comfortable chair. Next, the doctor apply a special gel to the soft tissues of the mucosa, which will protect them during bleaching. A gel is applied to the teeth, which deeply penetrates the tooth enamel and provides a whitening effect. The gel contains calcium phosphate, which positively affects the strengthening of the teeth.

ZOOM whitening benefits:

The procedure does not cause discomfort, pain or discomfort;

Whitening provides an effective result of more than 10-12 tones;

The effect lasts for 2-3 years, taking into account that the patient will adhere to the recommendations of the dentist;

Teeth can be whitened in just 1-1.5 hours;

You can carry out the procedure even with fluorosis.

It is also important to identify the disadvantages of the ZOOM whitening procedure. Among them, only one point is the price. So far, this method is the most expensive method of teeth whitening in Kiev. But at the same time, the only one that retains the result for such a long period of time. And the waste of finances on a beautiful smile is completely justified.

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