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What braces are best for a teenager: vestibular or lingual?

A man is happy when he is satisfied with himself. When he has a high self-esteem and significant success in his studies / career. An important role in this is played by a smile.

Dental condition is a sore subject for many Ukrainians. Some do not have time to visit the dentist, and some – finance. There are patients who are simply afraid of dentists and dental clinics. But, sooner or later, when the toothache becomes unbearable, everyone has to seek treatment. As a rule, the more neglected the situation, the more difficult and more expensive the treatment is. Therefore, it is important to solve dental problems in a timely manner, especially with regard to bite correction. Also, according to patients’ reviews, it is better to conduct treatment in adolescence. Treatment takes less time than an adult patient.

What is malocclusion?
Anomaly of the bite is a defect, a deviation from the normal location of the teeth of the upper and lower jaws. Many teeth have no contact with opposing teeth when the jaw closes. Such a pathology is often observed among adolescents. Some experts consider malocclusion an genetic problem. Others – that the malocclusion develops from negative environmental factors (mother’s illness during the period of gestation, the complicated course of pregnancy, the complicated course of childbirth).

How to correct a bite?
To correct the bite, in modern medicine, use braces. A bracket system is a fixed structure that under pressure affects the alignment of teeth and their correct formation in a row.

The design is equipped with a metal arc in the form of which the teeth should line up, at the final stage of treatment. In other words, the arc moves the teeth to the correct position. At the initial stage, an elastic arc is used to reduce pain to the patient and not cause great pressure to harm the teeth. As treatment progresses, the arc changes regularly to a more elastic one. The price of bracket systems in Ukraine depends on the material of manufacture.

What are the bracket systems for the material of manufacture:

Metal braces;



Types of braces by location:


Lingual braces.

Vestibular braces, regardless of the material of manufacture, are all structures that are placed on the outside of the teeth. Such braces provide maximum quality correction of the bite and alignment of the teeth. Vestibular sapphire braces or ceramic constructions are not particularly striking to others. But still they remain noticeable and can provoke a feeling of constraint and constraint.

The advantage of vestibular braces is their convenience. External mount systems do not interfere with patient diction, it’s easier to get used to, and easier to care for. As a rule, the duration of treatment with vestibular braces is slightly lower than with lingual braces. But still, the duration of treatment depends only on the neglect of the clinical situation.

Lingual braces are structures that are located on the inside of the teeth. They cope especially well with the treatment of deep bite. Naturally, this is a big plus for adult patients, especially public people. Such bracket systems remain “incognito” and others will not be able to notice the treatment process.

A big disadvantage of lingual bracket systems is a violation of diction, which often passes over time. Also, lingual braces are more difficult to care for and much more expensive than vestibular braces.

What braces are best for a teenager: vestibular or lingual?
The choice, first of all, depends on the clinical situation. Only a doctor will be able to determine which of the bite correction methods is more effective. Nevertheless, adult patients will be easier to cope with lingual braces, because they are more responsible for oral hygiene.

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