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How to overcome children’s fear of a dentist?

It is no secret that some children and even adults are afraid of visiting a dentist.

They are frightened and brought to tears only by the thought of a hike, before the eyes there are images of a scalpel and other tools. And in the ears you can hear the piercing sound of the boron machine. In adult patients, these fears come from childhood, when indeed dental treatment was painful. Small children, first of all, are afraid of the unknown. They find themselves in a new place for them, meet new people in strange white coats. But, despite the fears, in fact, dentistry is by no means a scary place, but a clinic where the doctor will help get rid of aching or acute toothache and significantly improve the quality of life.

Why is the dental clinic no longer scary?
As a rule, modern medicine does not stand still. Every day new medicines, devices and equipment are developed. Now, to avoid pain during dental treatment, the dentist suggests using anesthesia. Most often, this is a simple injection into the gums, due to which the patient does not feel pain and discomfort.

The second way to take pain medication is through computer anesthesia. The procedure is carried out with a special device as painlessly as possible. This option is especially good for young children or patients who have a great fear of injections. But it is worth noting that computer anesthesia has a slightly higher price than traditional soft tissue anesthesia.

For dental procedures using the latest technology and equipment. Devices do not emit loud sounds, which greatly reassures patients. Before starting treatment, the doctor conducts a thorough consultation and talks about how the procedure will go, writes a detailed treatment plan. He listens to wishes and tries to support the patient as much as possible. To date, dentistry has changed not only in the industrial field, but also in the field of psychological impact on the patient. The doctor does not just perform the technical work, but also acts as a psychologist. The patient’s positive morale greatly helps in dental treatment.

How to stop being afraid of a dentist? Best recommendations:

Bring the child for a routine examination;

Visit your dentist regularly;

Before the trip, get acquainted with anesthetics;

Specify the amount of treatment in advance;

Find contact with your dentist.

Carrying out an initial preventive examination is the best way to accustom a child to dental care. At the beginning, the baby may not want to go to an unknown place where people walk in white coats. He can also be frightened by the crying of other children and the anxiety of their parents. Do not sit in line – you need to try to make an appointment and go to the clinic exactly at that time. The probability that a patient with a child immediately gets into the office is much higher.

Introduce the child to the doctor, give them time to find a common language. Modern children’s dentists know how to entertain and distract the child, so the first visits should not be accompanied by dental treatment. The child must understand that uncles and aunts in white coats are kind and funny. Then the baby will go to the reception with dental treatment without any problems.

Regarding adults – it is better to visit the dental clinic regularly. As a rule, preventive examinations allow you to determine the disease of the teeth or gums at an early stage and to avoid prolonged treatment. One has only to start, to make an appointment for the first time. And then the process of caring for your teeth will become a habit and fear will disappear.

A patient who for many years was afraid to visit the dentist probably does not know how much everything has changed in this area. Anesthetics are not a luxury, but a necessity in dental treatment. Therefore, if the patient is afraid of pain during treatment, just go to the Internet and read about painkillers. For particularly sensitive doctors will offer computer anesthesia.

No matter how ridiculous it may sound, in the modern world, patients may be afraid of the dentist not because of pain, but because of the price of services. Therefore, it is better to familiarize yourself with the price list of a dental clinic in advance and even conduct an initial consultation. After the diagnosis, the dentist will determine the approximate amount of treatment and help to avoid the “effect of surprise and awkwardness” when paying. Many dental clinics in Kiev have sites with a full price list of their procedures.

Finding “your” doctor is the most important recommendation. A successful and even pleasant treatment is possible only when the dentist understands the patient, supports him and is an assistant. A good dentist will be able to talk even to the most modest patient, it is important to move away from the topic of teeth, asking various questions. Only a good-natured attitude will help remove the fear of dentistry.

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