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Classification of bracket systems: by popularity and speed of treatment

A healthy person is a successful person, because a smile and a peppy complexion give confidence and lead to success. That is why it is so important to take care of health from childhood and about teeth – especially.

A person who does not hesitate to smile widely is obviously open and sociable, it is easy for him to get to know and build relationships. Therefore, if there are problems with the teeth, it is recommended to visit the dentist immediately, because at the early stage it is much easier and cheaper to solve any problem.

What to do with a malocclusion?
Anomaly of the bite is a deviation from the normal arrangement of the teeth of the upper and lower jaw. Many teeth do not have contact when closed. Violation of the formation of the correct arrangement of teeth in a row can be due to various factors:

Genetic predisposition;

Intrauterine growth retardation;

Maternal illness during pregnancy;

Violation of the musculoskeletal system;

Diseases of the endocrine system.

In addition to an unattractive aesthetic appearance, malocclusion also negatively affects the patient’s health. The curvature of the teeth creates a lot of inaccessible places that are difficult to brush. Constant insufficient oral hygiene leads to the accumulation of pathogenic bacteria and the development of caries. Due to malocclusion there may be a violation of diction, problems with chewing food. It is recommended to solve the problem of teeth alignment at an early stage, for this there are plates. And after changing the deciduous teeth, it will be necessary to install braces permanently.

What are braces?
Braces are fixed orthodontic constructions that are attached to the upper and lower jaw for occlusal correction. Using medical glue, they are fixed on the teeth and, thanks to the arc, gently form the correct shape. The treatment takes place under the means of arc resistance, therefore, the change of tooth arrangement is slow.

The biggest problem is not the use of bracket systems, but not the patient’s desire to spoil his appearance. Many adolescents are difficult to survive the puberty, and bracket systems further exacerbate the problem of not perceiving themselves. Parents and doctors should have the skills of a psychologist and be able to persuade a teenager to install braces, because now there are the most inconspicuous systems.
What are the braces?
In modern medicine, there are a number of the most popular bracket systems:

Metal. These braces are made of metal, therefore they are distinguished by excellent strength and endurance. Also, the advantage of metal systems is the lower friction force between the groove and the arc, on the value of which the duration of treatment depends. It is important to note that metal braces are the first structures that were invented at the end of the 19th century. Of course, modern metal braces are very modified, but made of the same material. The disadvantages of metal braces include an unattractive appearance, which is especially important for adult patients;

Ceramic. These braces are made of durable ceramic, which makes the braces high-quality and strong. The color of the ceramic groove is necessarily selected for the natural shade of enamel to hide the treatment from prying eyes. Ceramic braces are somewhat more expensive than similar metal structures, but the aesthetic side compensates for the price. The duration of treatment, due to the friction of the groove and the arc, is somewhat longer than that of metal braces;

Sapphire. This type is made of an artificial crystal – sapphire. With a gem, this material has nothing to do. The advantage of sapphire braces is their transparency and light shine. That is what they resemble natural teeth and remain as invisible as possible. Sapphire braces are quite strong and durable, but also more expensive at the price of all previous types. Most often selected by adult patients and less often established by children;

Lingual. Innovative incognito braces. The peculiarity of these structures is in the arrangement, because they are attached to the inside of the teeth. Lingual braces are the most expensive, but aesthetically absolutely invisible. Lingual braces do a good job of treating a deep bite, which is more difficult to correct with vestibular braces. The disadvantages include the high price in Kiev and the violation of the patient’s diction due to a decrease in the space in the mouth. But, after 2-3 weeks, the tongue gets used to the presence of a foreign body, and diction normalizes.

Which bracket system corrects bite faster?
Only a qualified dentist can give a definite answer after consulting and examining the patient. As a rule, a combination of factors affects the speed of treatment:

Age. In adolescence, it is much easier to correct the bite than an adult patient;

Curvature level. The more serious malocclusion, the more time will be required for correction.

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