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What is surgical dentistry?

From the name itself, it is obvious what the dental surgeon does, but most people still don’t know the complete list of procedures and tasks that he solves.

From the name itself, it is obvious what the dental surgeon does, but most people still don’t know the complete list of procedures and tasks that he solves. In this article, we list and orient patients, because not every dentist is able to do what this specialist does.

The main function of dentistry is therapeutic – preventing the occurrence of diseases and preserving teeth, but it happens that the patient wants to remove a bad tooth or put an implant – these procedures require special skills, not every doctor has this practice. Therefore, they turn to the specialists of the clinic, whose surgical experience and special training allow such manipulations.

Do not be afraid, because surgical dentistry is primarily a treatment in all possible ways, tooth extraction, as well as other complex manipulations are carried out only in extreme cases, while:

A sterile environment and a qualified specialist in a calm unobtrusive environment, after examining the oral cavity, will provide the necessary assistance.
To make the process the easiest for the patient, the intervention necessary for healing is carried out quickly and efficiently. Anesthesia, surgeon experience and special tools make postoperative discomfort, even in difficult situations, minimal.
The direction of surgery in dentistry is a highly qualified manipulation according to the developed numerous techniques. The visitor may require clarification, the surgeon will conduct a study and inform you about the benefits or risks associated with this procedure in a particular situation.

Features of Dental Surgery
The most common dental procedure is orthopedic, associated with improving the aesthetic appearance and restoring functionality. The reason for the surgery may be:

Spoiled teeth.
Damaged root.
Incorrectly positioned teeth.
A tooth cyst that sprawls affects the periodontium surrounding the diseased tooth tissue.
Broken molar.
Inflammatory process (periodontitis, phlegmon, etc.)
Prosthetics, implantation, soft tissue preparation.
Many people doubt whether to go through the procedures that the dentist recommends is scary. The result of this fear is a neglected disease, acute pain, deterioration of the aesthetic condition of the dentition, and, as a result, a more complex and expensive method of solving the problem.

Surgical treatments in dentistry
Modern dental surgery has great potential and covers quite a lot of procedures. The stages of treatment can be carried out by the method:

Hemisection – when an incision in the gum is made near the inflamed place, the tooth is preserved, but the damaged root is removed.
Cystectomy is a technique for removing a cyst.
Sinus lifting – surgery when a doctor introduces bone material to establish an implant.
The work of the surgeon is not only treatment, but also preventive activity against the occurrence of diseases of the teeth and gums. To make the mouth look attractive, the teeth do not deteriorate and do not lose functionality, you do not need to start, be on time to the doctor and be regularly examined in the dental clinic.

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