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How long does a dental implant take root?

If one or more teeth are missing and you don’t want bridges or other prostheses, ask your dentist if the implant installation is right for you.

An artificial tooth is a more natural replacement, as it is attached directly to the jaw. The main condition is the absence of diseases and a healthy oral cavity.

How long does a tooth implant take root? – an average of two to four months. The installation is a complicated surgical operation, but today the procedure has already been worked out, the sequence of actions is quite simple and clear, the main thing is to injure the surrounding tissue as little as possible, then the growth will quickly grow to the implant.

If the doctor determines that the patient is healthy and is a good candidate for implantation, the next step is to plan and schedule a date for the first operation. The conduct of which will occur under local or general anesthesia. The design consists of three parts:

First, the base is installed, the implant is screwed into the bone and serves as the root. For the manufacture, as a rule, use titanium. The human body has a neutral reaction to it, which is why it takes root. How long to set? – One implant takes approximately 30-35 minutes.
After the bone grows, an abutment is attached. How long does the process take? – just a few minutes.
At the last stage, a crown is installed.
The healing process of a dental implant directly depends on the density of the bone tissue into which it is screwed. The dense heals faster when a looser structure, although better supplied with blood, requires more time to heal. Contraindication – an inflammatory process in the body that will not allow to install an implant.

How does a dental implant heal?
As in any other surgery, there is some risk to health – infection, trauma to surrounding tissues, nerve damage. At any stage of the process, an unpleasant reaction to dental procedures may occur, signs of:

The pain of a dental implant.
Swelling of the face or swollen gums.
A bruise on the skin or inflammation on the gums.
Ranai minor bleeding.
Most likely you will need an anesthetic and an antibiotic. If the painful condition does not go away within a few days, so that there is no complication, you should contact your dentist surgeon.

The implantation of dental implants is successful in most cases; rejection is rare. The main causes are smoking and other bad habits, general illness, premature exercise and poor hygiene. If the bone has failed to heal, the implant is removed, the bone is cleaned. Repeat the procedure again after approximately three months.

You can save your implants, as well as stop the loss of natural teeth, if:

Good oral hygiene. You need to brush your teeth with specially designed brushes, dental floss.
Be on a regular checkup and follow your doctor’s recommendations.
Avoid bad habits.
In a private dental clinic, if doctors are unable to save their native tooth, elderly or very young people, so that the jaw-bone tissue does not atrophy, retained an attractive relief, prosthetics are suggested. This method helps to maintain health and attractiveness, restores the functionality of the oral cavity – you can chew, talk, smile and not feel discomfort. Yes, this is an expensive pleasure, but such a tooth will serve for decades.

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