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When can I fully chew on dental implants?

Implantation is the modern and best way to restore teeth and create an attractive smile.

Implantation is the modern and best way to restore teeth and create an attractive smile. The method can be used to restore one lost tooth, as well as for several units of the dentition.

The main advantage of dental implants is complete comfort, because after installation there is no discomfort and no need to get used to the structures.

The main advantages of dental implants:

Installation of structures is quite simple and does not require prior grinding of adjacent teeth. This is especially important, because when installing a “bridge” it is necessary to first cut off the top layer of enamel on adjacent teeth;

Straumann implants are more reliable and durable than other types of structures (crowns, bridges, veneers);

Osstem implants are made from durable materials that are not prone to destruction under the influence of acids and food;

K3Pro implants are specially made to look as natural as possible. This identity eliminates the need for an additional whitening procedure to even out the color of natural teeth.

The undoubted advantage of the dental implantation procedure is the modern approach. Restoring a smile does not cause the patient any discomfort or pain, because the procedure is performed under general anesthesia.

Is preparation for the procedure necessary?

Dental implants provide thorough preparation for the procedure. A mandatory step is the preliminary comprehensive cleaning of the oral cavity and teeth from plaque and tartar. Mandatory x-ray of the jaw to accurately determine the location of the implant. Also, the preparation stage provides for allergic tests for pain medication.

How does the lifestyle change after dental implants?

According to numerous reviews, dental implants change a person’s life almost radically. Naturally, the most important change is self-confidence, getting rid of complexes and the desire to smile. In many patients, depression stops, relationships with loved ones are established, and new acquaintances are made.

But, among the positive changes, there are also indications that may somewhat interfere with the usual rhythm of life. The main ones include a ban on sports and strong physical activity.

The first period after the installation of implants, patients need to abandon sports, going to the gym, jogging, etc. The ban is due to the high risk of jaw injuries, which in turn will lead to the destruction of the implant.

It is also important for patients to stop taking alcohol and smoking. Nicotine and alcohol have an irritating effect on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, which contributes to the penetration of pathogenic bacteria and a high risk of inflammation.

The most important aspect is nutrition. At first, it is necessary to limit the intake of solid foods (nuts, carrots, apples, etc.). Eating and chewing solid foods can lead to disruption or displacement of the implant.

It is most recommended in the first weeks after installation of the implant to eat soups and cook all kinds of mashed potatoes. A useful substitute for a snack would be fruit or vegetable smoothies, natural yoghurts or jellies.

The first few days after implantation, avoid eating too cold or hot foods. Sudden changes in temperature can lead to burns or mechanical damage to the mucous membrane.

An important condition for protecting the implant is chewing food on the opposite side of the teeth. Thus, the load and the risk of damage or displacement are practically removed from the implant.

Changes can even affect rest – patients with a newly installed implant are recommended to give up sleep on the side of the jaw where the structure is located. The prohibition is also based on the high risk of implant displacement during the healing period.

Patients can return to their usual lives after the implant has successfully taken root. This process is individual in each case, but on average takes at least two weeks.

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