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Teeth whitening: how long does the effect last?

Everyone dreams of a snow-white smile.

Everyone dreams of a snow-white smile. For some, this is a way to attract the attention of management, and for others, the method will get rid of complexes and find a happy life. And indeed, a brilliant, radiant perfect smile is the best decoration for a person.

What is tooth whitening and what methods exist?

Teeth whitening is a dental procedure, the purpose of which is to change the natural color of the enamel with the help of hardware or when using whitening solutions. These include numerous powders, pastes, gels and other products.

The main cause of yellowness of enamel is: increased formation of plaque, poor oral hygiene or a congenital condition of enamel. Also, quite often after braces, patients need professional toothbrushing from tartar and whitening, because metal structures interfere with proper hygiene.

The teeth whitening procedure can be carried out independently at home or professionally in a dental clinic.

When whitening teeth at home, patients use folk remedies. The most common and popular methods include the use of coal, baking soda and even strawberries.

Types of professional teeth whitening:



Photo whitening.

Laser tooth whitening is a safe, painless and therefore common method. The main advantage of the method is the ability to use on damaged teeth – chips, cracks, etc.

For laser whitening, a special medical gel is applied to the surface of the teeth, which contains fluorine and other elements. Under the influence of a laser, the gel secretes substances that actively influence the whitening of tooth enamel.

Chemical whitening involves applying a special drug to the surface of the teeth. The duration of the procedure is about an hour, because it is during this period that the gel penetrates the tooth structure, removes plaque and bleaches for several tones. The best result is noticeable if the initial color of the enamel was yellow. A clear drawback of the procedure is the inability to use on damaged teeth.

Photobleaching also has a second, better known name, Zoom. This species is the most modern method of restoring the natural whiteness of teeth. Zoom involves applying a special gel preparation to the tooth surface and translucent dentition under an ultraviolet lamp. After the procedure, in order to avoid excessive sensitivity of the teeth to temperature changes, dentists recommend applying a special remineralizing drug.

How long does the effect of tooth whitening last?

The duration of the radiance of a snow-white smile depends on the method of teeth whitening. Each case is individual, but according to statistics, after chemical teeth whitening, the effect lasts up to 2 years.

Laser whitening is a more effective and simplified option, because you can achieve a dazzling smile after only one session. A stable result lasts at least 2.5 years on average.

The leader in the duration of white teeth is photobleaching. The effect of the zoom procedure will delight the patient on average up to 5 years.

It is important to note that for the preservation of a dazzling smile after the bleaching procedure, it is necessary to adhere to some rules. The main one is enhanced oral hygiene. In addition to two-time brushing, patients are recommended to use various mouthwashes throughout the day. It is also worth giving up smoking, which directly affects the darkening of tooth enamel.

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