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How are metal braces installed?

Not every person was lucky to have beautiful and perfectly even teeth, there are quite a few such lucky ones.

Not every person was lucky to have beautiful and perfectly even teeth, there are quite a few such lucky ones. Despite the statistics, everyone wants to be beautiful and give others a snow-white smile. In such a situation, the solution is simple – you need to get together and go to the dentist for braces.

What are braces and why are they needed?

Braces are special orthodontic systems that are attached to the upper and lower jaw in order to gradually align the teeth and form a neat dentition. Correction of teeth can take from one to three years, depending on the degree of curvature of the teeth. The procedure is not complicated, but requires high qualifications and high professionalism of dentists.

There are many types of braces that differ in the method of attachment (on the external or internal surface of the teeth), as well as in the material of manufacture (sapphire, metal, ceramic). Depending on the material of manufacture, the appearance of the corrective systems, their quality and price are determined. The most expensive and inconspicuous are ceramic braces. This type of construction is specially selected identical in color to the natural shade of the teeth.

How is the procedure for fastening metal bracket systems:

The first stage is preparation. Do not install braces until dental treatment and professional cleaning have been performed. Treatment is indicated on all teeth affected by caries. The final stage of preparation is a thorough cleaning of the teeth and oral cavity. To do this, use specialized solutions and modern methods;

The second step is to prepare directly for fixing braces. To do this, the dentist uses a special expander, with which it is possible to examine all the teeth and evaluate the forthcoming work. Before fixing structures, the surface of the teeth is polished and treated with dental solutions. Then, after drying, the process of directly attaching braces begins;

The third stage is the most important. During this period, medical glue is applied to the surface of the polished teeth, to which parts of the corrective structure are applied. When all the locks are attached, the dentist sets the arcs and the installation of braces is nearing completion.

It is important to note that on average the installation of metal braces takes no more than 1 hour. If we are talking about lingual structures, then the time can vary from 1.5 to 2 hours. In this matter, it is especially important to adhere to accuracy and accuracy, because lingual braces are attached from the inside of the dentition.

The most difficult factor when installing the plate on the teeth is the application of glue. The dentist must evenly calculate millimeters of distance. A doctor’s mistake when applying glue will subsequently affect the uneven distribution of traction.

Regardless of the type of braces, the design is first installed on the upper jaw and only then on the lower. With a slight curvature of the teeth, dentists advise installing braces on only one of the jaws.

For the installation of braces, there is no clear definition of age – the design is shown for both children, adolescents and adult patients. Correction of teeth occurs due to the pull of the structure on the jaw, and therefore age is of no importance.

According to patient reviews, pain after installing metal bracket systems is followed for several days. For severe pain, it is recommended to take an anesthetic prescribed by a doctor.

The question “how much to wear braces” does not have a clear answer, because it all depends on the degree of malocclusion and the curvature of the teeth. If you suddenly have doubts whether it is worthwhile to install braces, you should read the photos “before and after” of other patients. Snow-white smiles with straight teeth delight and make you forget about all the shortcomings of the procedure.

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