When does the need arise and how does tooth root removal go?
Removing the tooth root is carried out in the clinical case when it is impossible to cure and preserve the tooth. Teeth - an organ of the human body that…

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Children’s dentistry: what do parents need to know about?

Why do you need children’s dentistry

Dental care is important at any age. As soon as milk teeth appeared, the child must be taught to brush his teeth correctly, to explain that daily oral hygiene is mandatory and extremely important. Also, with the appearance of milk teeth, the baby should be regularly taken to the dentist for an appointment.

Why do you need children’s dentistry:

By conducting regular preventive examinations in dentistry, the child does not have a fear of a dentist;

Regular examinations of a profile doctor help prevent the development of caries and problems with gums;

The correct and good-natured approach of pediatric dentists will help to accustom a child and even arouse interest in the oral hygiene procedure;

Timely treatment of primary teeth helps to avoid serious problems in the future with permanent teeth.

Many parents support the misconception that pediatric dentistry makes no sense. The main argument is that milk teeth, and so on, give way to permanent teeth, and, therefore, there is no need for their treatment.

Experienced dentists completely refute this opinion with facts:

Untreated decay of deciduous teeth leads to their rapid and untimely destruction. Lack of teeth causes difficulties with normal chewing of teeth and, accordingly, leads to digestive problems;

Early loss of primary teeth affects the uneven arrangement of permanent teeth. When too much free space is formed in place of a growing tooth, the unit may change direction and take the place of another tooth. This state of affairs leads to the development of curvature of the teeth;

In pediatric dentistry, the child will undergo painless procedures that will protect against caries.

What is silvering of teeth and why is it carried out for babies?

Silvering of teeth is a dental procedure that involves applying a special solution based on silver nitrate to the surface of the dentition. After the procedure, a layer of restored silver remains on the teeth, and the units themselves acquire a dark shade. The need for this procedure is to protect the teeth from the development of caries. It should be noted that the procedure is not a treatment, it is only a method to protect the dentition from carious lesions.

The process of silvering the teeth is absolutely painless and does not even cause discomfort in the child. Silvering of teeth is carried out quite quickly, so that the child does not have time to get tired and does not begin to be capricious. In modern pediatric dentistry, various methods can be used to distract children from the procedure: screens with cartoons, audio recordings with fairy tales, etc.

To maintain a protective effect, the silvering of the teeth will need to be repeated 4-5 months after the first session. The period between sessions has no restrictions – the child still needs to regularly brush his teeth and maintain normal oral hygiene.

Among the shortcomings of the dental silvering procedure in pediatric dentistry are:

After the procedure, due to the silver solution, the teeth gain a black coating on the surface. An unusual shade of teeth can cause ridicule from peers in kindergarten, school or on the playground. Taunts can lead to the development of complexes and isolation;

Silvering of teeth is carried out only on the front of the dentition and is completely meaningless on the chewing teeth;

Silvering of the teeth does not make sense if the carious lesion of milk teeth has gone into a deep stage.

Is it possible to remove a dark shade from teeth after silvering? What analogues of tooth silvering are in pediatric dentistry?

In order not to silver the teeth and not stain the teeth, doctors offer an alternative way – fluoridation. The tooth fluoridation procedure does not cause pain or discomfort, just as it takes a little time. The procedure involves applying a fluorine-based solution to the surface of the teeth. Due to the composition, the color of the tooth enamel remains unchanged (you can first see the photo on the network). Fluoridation, as well as silvering of teeth, is only a preventive procedure and is not suitable as a treatment for caries in an advanced stage.

There are children’s dentistry in every district of the city of Kiev, so it’s not at all difficult to make an appointment at a convenient time. An initial visit to a pediatric dentist is recommended when the child is in a good mood, well fed and rested. That is why a big plus is that many clinics work seven days a week. According to the reviews of young parents, before the first visit to the dentist, you do not need to scare the child with the words “painful” and “scary”. These words from a young age provoke the development of fear and negative emotions.

Dental clinic “Fortuna-Dent” has a convenient location – in the center of Kiev, surrounded by parks and cozy squares. You can make an appointment with the administrator by phone indicated on the main page of the site.

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