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Which braces are better?
It is impossible to imagine the luxurious appeal of an image without a smile. It is a snow-white smile that gives a person naturalness, naturalness, intelligence and elegance. A perfect…

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Which braces are better?

It is impossible to imagine the luxurious appeal of an image without a smile. It is a snow-white smile that gives a person naturalness, naturalness, intelligence and elegance.

A perfect smile consists of several essential components:

Smooth, beautiful teeth;
Snow-white enamel.
The natural shade of enamel is easily influenced by food and natural dyes, tobacco smoke and sugary drinks. In addition to regular brushing, in order to eliminate plaque and hard deposits, it is necessary to carry out professional brushing in the dentist’s office. Professional cleaning is a harmless and painless procedure, recommended for once every 6 months.

The next step in returning a snow-white smile is teeth whitening. There are several special techniques that restore shine and beauty to your teeth in just one session. For this, chemical, ultrasonic, laser and photobleaching are used. Each of the methods has advantages and disadvantages, so that everyone can choose the right one for themselves.

Finding even and beautiful teeth is much more difficult than achieving a snow-white smile. Few manage to be born with large, correctly located units, or to preserve their attractiveness for a long time.

Accordingly, if during the development of the child there is an occlusion anomaly, improper arrangement of teeth in a row or adentia, it is necessary to consult a dentist. Only a qualified specialist will be able to determine the presence of pathology and prescribe the correct treatment.

Braces are special designs that provide alignment of the dentition and correction of dental pathologies.

Previously, braces had no variety and in dentistry there were only ordinary metal structures. Braces were ugly, too noticeable on the teeth and became the cause of ridicule for many children. Today, modern bracket systems are presented in a wide range, among which the doctor will advise the most suitable and effective.

Installation of invisible braces in the dental clinic Fortuna – Kiev

The main types of braces:

Metal braces are a more affordable option, located on the outside of the teeth. The disadvantage of this type of braces is low aesthetics – it is impossible not to notice such designs.

The main advantages of metal bracket systems are the strength and density of the material. The alloy lends itself to coloring well, so you can often find braces of any color. For children, multi-colored systems can be used, and adults often choose braces in a gold color.

Metal dental braces are suitable for correcting a bite and treating anomalies in the arrangement of units of any complexity. But, due to aesthetic unattractiveness, metal braces are used somewhat less often than ceramic.

Ceramic braces can be of two types – from single crystals and polycrystals. Polycrystalline systems are made of sapphire and an admixture of metal oxides, therefore they have an attractive light shade that is completely invisible on the surface of the tooth.

Monocrystalline braces, unlike polycrystalline, are transparent and have a natural shine. Such systems are more often used by adult patients who wish to create an attractive smile even during treatment. An important advantage of ceramic braces is the material’s non-tendency to stain with food coloring and exposure to tobacco smoke.

Any of the ceramic bracket systems in Kiev are highly durable, retain their original appearance for a long time and effectively correct existing pathologies. The only drawback of ceramic bracket systems is the high cost of installing structures.

Price and installation of lingual braces in Kiev – Dentistry Fortuna
In addition to the main material of manufacture, there are also types of braces according to the installation method.
Among them are distinguished:

Vestibular braces are installed by the usual method – on the outer surface of the dentition. The system belongs to non-removable, it is installed, regulated and eliminated exclusively by a qualified dentist.

External braces do a good job of this task, effectively level the wrong bite and maintain a high-class result for a long time. The advantage of external bracket designs is their ease of use and quick addiction. When using vestibular braces, diction disturbance is not observed, and the cleaning method is more simplified. Exterior structures are the best option for correcting malocclusion in children.

Lingual braces are used mainly by adult patients, as they require more complex care. To clean teeth with braces on the inside of the jaw, it is necessary to use an irrigator, dental floss and other effective methods that the dentist will advise.

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