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Effective Professional Brushing Methods

Brushing teeth is an important and necessary habit in human life. Since childhood, parents, educators and dentists teach children to regularly monitor oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth should be a mandatory step in the morning and evening toilet, and also take at least two to three minutes.

Starting from adolescence, in addition to self-brushing, it is recommended to use dental floss, irrigator and regularly visit the dentist’s office.

Professional toothbrushing in dentistry is a procedure that helps get rid of plaque and hard deposits. Cleaning with the help of devices and abrasive particles allows you to get to hard-to-reach places and to clean the surface of the teeth. It is recommended to carry out professional cleaning of the oral cavity at least once a year. Timely cleaning will help prevent teeth from developing caries and subsequent decay.

In addition to eliminating plaque and stone, professional cleaning helps your smile to find a natural snow-white shade and eliminate coffee stains. Also, thanks to dental cleaning, it is possible to eliminate the yellowness of the teeth even with prolonged smoking.

Professional toothbrushing in the dental clinic Fortuna – Kiev

The most popular types of professional toothbrushing:

Ultrasonic cleaning;
Professional cleaning AirFlow.
Ultrasonic brushing helps to effectively clean teeth from plaque and tartar, provides attractive whiteness and a natural shade for a long time. Cleaning with this method involves the loyal effect of the ultrasonic rod on the tooth surface, due to which the tooth surface is cleaned. The ultrasound method is completely safe for the body and does not provoke pain.

The procedure of ultrasonic brushing takes no more than one hour, which is especially important and convenient for busy people. Also, the ultrasonic method is affordable for everyone, because it has a relatively low price.

Ultrasonic cleaning consists of three stages:

Removal of plaque and solid deposits (tartar).
Enamel polishing and cleaning of the most labor-intensive places between the teeth.
Application of a special fluoride-based medical gel.
This method of brushing is recommended starting from 15 years with a frequency of once 6 months.

The price of professional toothbrushing in Kiev – Fortuna Dental Center

AirFlow is the most advanced dental cleaning method in Kiev. The essence of the innovative method of professional cleaning is the jet supply of abrasive particles. Due to strong pressure, the abrasive particles mixed with water provide thorough cleaning of the tooth surface, removal of soft plaque and hard deposits. Also, with jet water supply, teeth are polished at the same time. It is important to note that on the smooth surface of the teeth after cleaning by the Airflow method, a slower accumulation of plaque and solid deposits is observed.

Toothbrushing Air flow in Kiev – Fortuna dental clinic
What are the contraindications for toothbrushing?
The advantage of this procedure is that professional brushing has virtually no contraindications. When cleaning, painkillers are not used, therefore, a tendency to allergic reactions is not a contraindication. The only reason not to carry out dental cleaning is the presence of an oncological lesion of the body.

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