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Dental implantation: myths and real facts

Dental implants, even now in the modern world, are a mystery to many patients.

This is because patients are genuinely afraid of dentists and dental technicians. All these fears undoubtedly come from childhood. It is a child that each patient first gets into the dental chair, the first time he sees the drill of a boring machine and hears these frightening sounds.

And therefore, when caries, pain in the teeth or gums already occurs at a more conscious age, the patient is afraid to visit the dentist. And it is important to remember that untimely treatment of caries can lead to total damage and tooth decay. And in such a critical situation it will be more difficult and expensive to solve the problem.

What is implantation and when is it necessary?
Dental implantation is a dental procedure that is performed to qualitatively replace missing teeth with metal implants. As a rule, products from materials that are bio-compatible with bone tissue are most often used.

Dental implants serve as the root for the crown, which accurately repeats the appearance of the tooth. Installation of the implant takes place in several stages and practically does not cause pain (due to anesthesia).

There are several popular myths that make patients afraid of having a dental procedure:

Myth number 1. Implantation is painful.
Myth number 2. The implant almost never takes root.
Myth number 3. During the implantation of the teeth you have to walk for a long time without teeth at all.
Myth number 4. Dental implants are too expensive.

The debunking of the myth number 1. The most common myth among the rest. As noted above, it is precisely because of the pain that many patients refuse to visit the dentist and treat their teeth. Pain is a fear from the past when anesthetics were not always offered to patients. Now, an injection of pain medication is an indispensable ritual that you can’t do without. The dose of the medicine makes the used area insensitive and the patient does not feel anything during the work. So in modern dentistry, according to reviews, the pain of dental implants is really just a myth.

The debunking of the myth number 2. An absolute lie. And on the contrary, most often the implant takes root, rather than torn away. As a rule, high-quality implants are made of materials that are biocompatible with bone tissue. This allows you to speed up the process of engraftment of a metal product. But, if the implant is cheap and made of simple iron – then yes, there is really a risk of rejection. Also, there is a high risk of a negative result of the procedure in patients for whom dental implantation is contraindicated for medical reasons. Before conducting the procedure, patients must undergo a comprehensive medical examination.

Debunking Myth # 3. In fact, this is not a myth, but confused concepts. This myth applies to the installation of veneers, when the tooth surface is actually honed, and before installing the veneer, the patient is without an upper layer of enamel. But even during this period of time, the patient is put on temporary plastic crowns. As for implantation, implantation is the restoration of a missing tooth, which means that before the procedure begins, a person has a gap in the dentition. The absence of a tooth before or during implantation does not matter.

The debunking of the myth number 4. This myth is really somewhat exaggerated. Yes, dental implants, and especially high-quality implants, are not a cheap pleasure. But, this price is available to every patient in Ukraine, taking into account constant discounts and promotional offers.

Do not be afraid of the unknown and live without a happy smile. It is better to overcome all fears, go to a consultation with a doctor and get answers to all questions.

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