When can I fully chew on dental implants?
Implantation is the modern and best way to restore teeth and create an attractive smile. Implantation is the modern and best way to restore teeth and create an attractive smile.…

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In what cases do dentists treat teeth under general anesthesia?
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Preparation for implantation: what examinations do you need to undergo?

Dental implantation is an important stage in human life. Not everyone managed to be born with good teeth and keep them healthy until old age.

The poor environmental situation, poor-quality products and water, ignoring mandatory oral hygiene are the main causes of tooth loss. Also, do not forget about accidents and unforeseen fights, when teeth suffer in the first place. But, today, modern medicine has reached such a level that putting new teeth is not a problem.

What is dental implantation?
Dental implantation is a dental procedure that involves implanting an implant in the jawbone and restoring the dentition. Then, after the implant, the abutment is installed – this is an intermediate element to which the crown is attached (prototype of a natural tooth).

There are no limits to the number of implants; one, two or more artificial teeth can be installed. Therefore, if there is a damaged and dead tooth or is absent altogether, it is recommended that you go to a dental clinic for an initial consultation.

Why put implants?
There are two main reasons why implants must be installed:



From an aesthetic point of view, dental implantation is necessary for a person. A patient who has no teeth feels as awkward as possible. In such patients, self-esteem is significantly reduced and there is a risk of pathological depression. It is extremely difficult for a person with an unattractive smile to find a good and promising job, to move up the career ladder. A patient with missing teeth does not feel confident and cannot become the soul of the company. As a rule, such people in every possible way refuse to attend funny events and thereby do not allow themselves to relax.

Regarding health, the installation of implants is an extremely necessary measure. In the absence of the number of teeth that was provided by nature, a person cannot fully chew food. In the future, this is affected by problems in the digestive system, constipation, etc.

Gaps in the row can lead to a slow tooth shift and a disturbance in the normal arrangement. This situation threatens to disrupt the normal and healthy state of the teeth.
Advantages and disadvantages of implantation
Like any other procedure, dental implantation has its advantages and disadvantages. And to be honest, it’s important to note that there are many more benefits.

The main positive qualities of dental implants are:

Aesthetic appeal, getting rid of complexes;

High-quality chewing of food, restoration of the digestive system;

Restoring correct speech, the disappearance of problems with diction (yes, the lack of teeth can significantly affect the expression of individual sounds);

The presence of an implant in place of the missing tooth protects the jaw from deformation.

Among the shortcomings, it is important to note only 2 points:

Option for non-implant survival. Yes, such a situation can also arise and you must be prepared for it. If in advance, before the procedure, preparation and general diagnosis of the patient were not carried out, there is a risk of rejection of the implant and then the money will simply be thrown to the wind. Therefore, before resorting to the procedure, it is necessary to conduct a high-quality and full examination by the dentist, as well as other specialists;

Price. Today, modern medicine is developing rapidly, but not all patients can keep up with it. The cost of installing the implant is quite considerable and therefore not every patient can afford restoration of the dentition.

Preparing for dental implants: what you need to know?
Preparation for tooth implantation is a very important step that should never be missed. It is from the preparation for implantation that the positive or negative outcome of the procedure depends.

First of all, in consultation with the dentist, it is necessary to find out the absence of contraindications. The main ones are:

Blood clotting;

Oncological diseases;

Pregnancy (relative prohibition; after childbirth, implantation can be performed).

The next stage is the treatment of the remaining teeth in the oral cavity. Implantation cannot be started if caries has not been previously cured and fillings on other teeth have not been established. Surgery should only be started with a fully healthy and clean oral cavity.

After all the teeth are cured, it is necessary to take a picture of the oral cavity in three-dimensional projection. This will make it possible to ideally inspect the implant placement site, exclude the presence of cysts and provide for the need for tissue growth.

When all the preparatory measures have been taken, the doctor begins the process of installing the implant. The procedure itself is as fast as possible – anesthesia injection and implant placement within 20 minutes. For greater accuracy, in modern dentistry, optical systems are used.

After 3-4 months, sometimes the period can reach six months, the doctor establishes an intermediate element – the abutment. The time of this procedure also does not exceed more than 20 minutes.

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