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Bracket systems and sports: how does the lifestyle change after installation?

Of course, every person dreams of a Hollywood smile, which, at that hour, flickers on television and pages on social networks.

Many people mistakenly think that the owners of beautiful smiles are the lucky ones to whom nature gave good teeth from birth. And few people think that behind an attractive smile is a lot of work and patience.

According to statistics, more than 70% of the world’s population has problems with their teeth. Sometimes it is caries, and sometimes pathological curvature of the teeth.

Crooked teeth or malocclusion are not fatal diseases, but they still need to be treated. As a rule, crooked teeth are difficult to clean and therefore often become a provocation for the development of bacteria and as a result – carious damage. And an incorrect bite (closing of teeth) can develop deformation of the jaw and significantly break the symmetry of the face.

How can I correct the wrong bite?
The most common and effective method of eliminating pathology is the use of braces. Bracket systems are constructions that are fixed by the doctor on the patient’s teeth and systemically affect the alignment of the dentition. There are many types of braces that differ in the material of manufacture and the method of attachment. Depending on the indications, recommendations of the doctor and the patient’s desire, the most optimal option is chosen.

Why are braces so rarely worn?
It so happened in modern society that people tend to condemn others because of their appearance. Therefore, children from childhood begin to act up at the sight of glasses or braces, not yet realizing that in adulthood it will be much more difficult to solve the situation. But thanks to a wide range of braces, you can choose the least visible option and feel comfortable.

Types of bracket systems:

Ceramic. This type of bracket system is especially appreciated by adolescents and adult patients, as they are the least noticeable. Ceramic braces are not prone to staining with food colors, they are easy to clean and are especially strong. Ceramic braces have only one drawback – a rather high cost;

Sapphire. This option is made of a single crystal, sometimes it is mixed with ceramics. Sapphire braces are very strong and reliable. The design is almost invisible, and the soft luster of the single crystal exactly repeats the light translucency of a natural tooth. The price of such braces is slightly higher than for all other types. This is due to their full aesthetic appeal in front of metal and even ceramic braces;

Metal. The least attractive braces, especially for adult patients. They are very noticeable and instantly striking. But, despite this, metal braces are quite practical, strong and, according to reviews, even tend to align teeth faster;

Lingual. These braces differ not in the material of manufacture, but in the arrangement. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that the design is installed from the inside of the jaw, and not from the outside like any other braces. The advantage of this type of corrective system is secrecy from prying eyes. And the disadvantage is that the price is too high in Kiev and especially the long treatment period.

Braces and sports: how to connect and not do harm?
If the patient has already decided to correct the bite with the help of bracket systems, it is necessary to get to know them better. They are fixed structures and therefore one must be prepared for the fact that the treatment will be difficult, lengthy and permanent. With braces you will have to eat, sleep and even play sports.

What physical activity is possible during the treatment period?
Even during dental treatment with bracket systems, there is absolutely no need to give up sports. In addition to accuracy, you can use reliable dental mouthguards. The product is prepared according to preliminary casts and is therefore ideally suited to the patient. Such a mouth guard protects braces from breakage, while maintaining the teeth themselves intact. Most often, mouthguards are necessary for patients who are engaged in boxing, sambo and martial arts. Do not give up dental mouthguards, as well as tennis players, basketball players and football fans.

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