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TOP 5 most popular procedures in modern dentistry

The twenty-first century is the century of opportunities, development, industrialization. Mankind is surrounded by smartphones, computers and various other “smart” devices that greatly simplify life.

Progress did not bypass the field of medicine. Right now, modern medicine is at the peak of its development. You no longer need to keep a thermometer on hand for ten minutes, just put an electronic thermometer on your body and in a split second the device will give out the real temperature. The pain of any localization can be diagnosed using MRI or CT – innovative devices with the highest quality image visualization. High complexity operations are performed using optical systems that act as a navigator for the surgeon. Dentistry did not stand aside either. Over the past 10 years, a lot of changes have taken place in world dentistry that have greatly facilitated the work of specialists and the lives of patients.

What procedures are the most popular in dentistry?
In the modern world, healthy teeth are especially important in the life of every person. For some, it is the health of the units that is important, and for others, a visually attractive smile that brings success. And indeed, it is very difficult to achieve career growth for a person who is embarrassed to express his thoughts and emotions with outsiders. As a rule, if you have problems with your teeth, it’s extremely difficult to smile or be a speaker on the forum. Therefore, a dental clinic is the place where all residents of Ukraine turn to, regardless of age or social status.

The most popular dental procedures:

Caries treatment;

Professional toothbrushing using AirFlow or ultrasound;

Dental implantation;

Installation of bracket systems;

Installation of veneers.

Caries treatment is the simplest procedure from the list of services of any dental clinic. The whole situation in the oral cavity depends on the integrity of the teeth. Caries is a chronic disease that affects the hard tissues of the tooth. This pathological process occurs due to adverse ecology, malnutrition and insufficient oral hygiene. It is not difficult to treat caries in the early stages, until the tooth is completely destroyed. At a late stage, only prosthetics or complete removal of tooth roots with subsequent implantation can save the situation.

Caries is an insidious disease that tends to affect even deciduous teeth in preschool children. Therefore, this dental service does not lose relevance throughout a person’s life.

For many years, the professional brushing service used in Europe and only recently appeared in Ukraine is gaining popularity every day. The procedure provides for high-quality cleaning of teeth with a special ultrasonic device. An ultrasound cleaner does not require anesthesia.

The main advantage of professional toothbrushing is that the device is able to remove plaque and hard deposits even in the most inaccessible places. This is especially true for patients with crooked teeth. It is important to note that the price of cleaning in Kiev is quite loyal and affordable to almost every patient.

AirFlow cleaning is an innovative step in dentistry. For the procedure, a special dental solution and an air supply unit are used. The main idea of ​​the method is the sandblasting principle of supplying mortar and air, which under high pressure break plaque and even hard deposits. Toothbrushing AirFlow at the dentist is absolutely painless, therefore, it is carried out without anesthesia.

Dental implantation is the restoration of missing teeth using high-quality metal structures. The procedure has a number of indications and contraindications, which must be familiarized with in advance.

Dental implants, with missing units, are necessary for patients in order to maintain health and avoid problems with the digestive system. Also, the esthetic side occupies a special place, because replacing the gaps in the dentition is an opportunity to get rid of complexes and increase self-esteem.

The installation of bracket systems in dentistry, as well as implantation, is a necessary measure. Incorrect bite is important to correct, regardless of age. Crooked teeth negatively affect the health of the oral cavity as a whole, because inaccessible places are difficult to clean thoroughly. This can lead to tooth decay and tooth decay.

Today, there is a large selection of braces based on the material of manufacture and the method of attachment. According to the testimony, recommendations of the doctor and the wishes of the client, you can choose the most optimal option.

Veneers are special tooth pads made of ceramic or composite material that are installed by a doctor in a dental clinic. Indications for installing veneers are:

Chips and cracks in the anterior teeth;

Dark spots on enamel;

Irregular tooth shape;

Diastema (the gap between the front teeth).

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