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Comparison of the two most popular implants: k3pro and straumann
Dental implantation is a surgical procedure that is common in the field of dentistry. The essence of the procedure is to replace and make up for missing teeth in the…

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Comparison of the two most popular implants: k3pro and straumann

Dental implantation is a surgical procedure that is common in the field of dentistry. The essence of the procedure is to replace and make up for missing teeth in the oral cavity.

How is implantation performed?
The procedure involves the implantation of a titanium root into the jawbone, which ensures the functions of the root of a natural tooth. Titanium is used to make the implant because this material is most prone to engraftment. After some time, an intermediate element – an abutment – is put on the titanium root. The size and material of the abutment is determined by the professional depending on the clinical situation. The last stage is the crown, which replaces the surface of the tooth, performs a chewing function and meets high standards of aesthetic appeal. The color of the crown and the material of manufacture are also selected individually for each patient.

Reasons why tooth implantation may be indicated:

Tooth loss due to an accident;

Tooth decay due to advanced caries;

Adentia (congenital malformation in which all teeth are missing).

Each of the cases above is a pathology and requires correction. That is why dental implantation is so important for society.

Not infrequently, the question of surgical dentistry is looked exclusively from the aesthetic side. Lack of a tooth, especially an anterior one, brings a person discomfort and significantly reduces self-esteem. The patient acquires complexes that cannot be eliminated without the help of a dentist.

Despite the popularity of dental implants in modern society, there are still patients who categorically refuse to visit the dentist. Fear of wine, from childhood. Fortunately, modern medicine has changed significantly and now there are no scary sounds, and the pain is stopped by an injection of anesthesia. Do not be afraid of the dentist and deny yourself comfort, to maintain a healthy oral cavity, it is recommended to undergo a routine examination once every six months at least.

It is important to note that tooth implantation is also important from a health point of view. A patient with an insufficient number of units in the dentition is worse at chewing food. This negatively affects the work of the digestive tract.

Which implants are better to choose?
Do not self-medicate, only an experienced specialist will be able to choose the most suitable implant. When choosing, the dentist is guided by the wishes of the patient (especially regarding the price), as well as the clinical situation.

The most popular implants in Kiev:



K3Pro implants are manufactured in Germany at Konus Dental Implants. The company has been successfully operating on the market for more than 20 years, regularly releasing new products in the field of high-quality dentistry.

German implants managed to prove themselves on the positive side, are quite simple to install and maintain quality for many years.

K3Pro are European-grade implants made of durable medical titanium. An innovative development of the German manufacturer is a special conical shape of the structure, which is hermetically connected to the abutment. This eliminates the mobility of the implant and protects against the development of bacteria.

The implant is treated with a hypoallergenic coating, which is an undoubted advantage when choosing. K3Pro is also prone to quick engraftment, has no special contraindications, and the range has a wide range of sizes.

Among the shortcomings, we can note only the high cost of the implant. But, the development belongs to the premium class, it has positive reviews, justified by statistics.

What is known about Straumann implants?
Straumann implants have been manufactured in Switzerland for many years and are of high quality and meet international standards. The manufacturer guarantees a long life of implants without correction.

The advantage of Straumann implants is a wide range of designs, depending on the location. The line includes implants for reconstructing the anterior teeth, for a group of prostheses and special designs for patients suffering from diabetes mellitus or hepatitis.

Straumann implants have an innovative coating and are made of biocompatible titanium, which allows you to quickly take root without inflammatory processes and allergic reactions. And the high quality of the implant will make it possible to enjoy teeth without correction and replacements.

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