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Bracket systems and sports: how does the lifestyle change after installation?
Of course, every person dreams of a Hollywood smile, which, at that hour, flickers on television and pages on social networks. Many people mistakenly think that the owners of beautiful…

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Undoubtedly, one of the most important and paramount conditions for maintaining the health of your teeth is regular oral hygiene (and, first of all, of course, independent). Everyone cleans their…

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What means \ methods whiten teeth
A smile carries away, a modest touches, a good console, a sincere pleases. Well-groomed teeth are part of the smile. Someone is lucky from birth, while others need to take…

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Dental implantation: how is it and what you need to know?

High level of aesthetic appeal. An artificial tooth is neatly and evenly sized to fit the patient perfectly. Also, a qualified specialist selects a material color that is identical to natural teeth in the patient’s oral cavity;
The ability to restore a large number of units. Dental implants do no harm to the patient, due to which it is possible to restore one or more missing teeth at a certain time;
High level of quality. The material used for the manufacture of implants is durable and high-quality, which makes it possible to chew food and eat solid foods without problems;
The probability of perception of the implant by the body is quite high. An artificial tooth survives in the patient’s oral cavity in about 95% of 100;
According to reviews, people around cannot determine the artificial origin of the tooth.
Also, the attractiveness of the procedure lies in the fact that there are only a few negative factors of implantation. The main complication is after tooth placement (it has a rather low probability and is mainly associated with intolerance to anesthesia). The first days after implant placement, some soreness may occur at the site of surgery, and discomfort that occurs at the addictive stage. Continue reading

Effective Professional Brushing Methods

Brushing teeth is an important and necessary habit in human life. Since childhood, parents, educators and dentists teach children to regularly monitor oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth should be a mandatory step in the morning and evening toilet, and also take at least two to three minutes.

Starting from adolescence, in addition to self-brushing, it is recommended to use dental floss, irrigator and regularly visit the dentist’s office.

Professional toothbrushing in dentistry is a procedure that helps get rid of plaque and hard deposits. Cleaning with the help of devices and abrasive particles allows you to get to hard-to-reach places and to clean the surface of the teeth. It is recommended to carry out professional cleaning of the oral cavity at least once a year. Timely cleaning will help prevent teeth from developing caries and subsequent decay.

In addition to eliminating plaque and stone, professional cleaning helps your smile to find a natural snow-white shade and eliminate coffee stains. Also, thanks to dental cleaning, it is possible to eliminate the yellowness of the teeth even with prolonged smoking. Continue reading

Dental implantation: myths and real facts

Dental implants, even now in the modern world, are a mystery to many patients.

This is because patients are genuinely afraid of dentists and dental technicians. All these fears undoubtedly come from childhood. It is a child that each patient first gets into the dental chair, the first time he sees the drill of a boring machine and hears these frightening sounds.

And therefore, when caries, pain in the teeth or gums already occurs at a more conscious age, the patient is afraid to visit the dentist. And it is important to remember that untimely treatment of caries can lead to total damage and tooth decay. And in such a critical situation it will be more difficult and expensive to solve the problem. Continue reading

Preparation for implantation: what examinations do you need to undergo?

Dental implantation is an important stage in human life. Not everyone managed to be born with good teeth and keep them healthy until old age.

The poor environmental situation, poor-quality products and water, ignoring mandatory oral hygiene are the main causes of tooth loss. Also, do not forget about accidents and unforeseen fights, when teeth suffer in the first place. But, today, modern medicine has reached such a level that putting new teeth is not a problem.

What is dental implantation?
Dental implantation is a dental procedure that involves implanting an implant in the jawbone and restoring the dentition. Then, after the implant, the abutment is installed – this is an intermediate element to which the crown is attached (prototype of a natural tooth). Continue reading

Implants and natural teeth: how to properly care for the oral cavity after installation?

Teeth are not just a human organ. Teeth – this is a component of an attractive smile, it is the reason for the admiration of others, it is a good mood on any cloudy day.

For many, beautiful teeth became the reason for career growth, for others – the reason for success on the personal front. Well, always and for all, healthy teeth are the key to a person’s success. Therefore, teeth must be protected, which in our time is very difficult.

Dirty ecology, chlorinated water, an excess of sugar in many dishes are common causes of decay and tooth loss. Unfortunately, not many managed to save an attractive smile after several decades. Continue reading

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