Professional oral hygiene
Among the preventive measures aimed at improving the body, professional oral hygiene "PHR" occupies an important place. Monitoring the condition of the teeth and timely removal of plaque can prevent…

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Professional teeth whitening ZOOM: features, advantages and disadvantages of the procedure
A healthy, beautiful and snow-white smile is the secret dream of every person, even if he does not say it out loud. You can conquer with a smile, drive you…

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When is it better to place an implant: immediately after removal or after a while?
Nature ordered that an adult have 32 teeth. Teeth help to chew food, are involved in the correct pronunciation of words and, of course, give the image an aesthetic appeal.…

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important point of cooperation

What means \ methods whiten teeth

A smile carries away, a modest touches, a good console, a sincere pleases. Well-groomed teeth are part of the smile.

Someone is lucky from birth, while others need to take care of the beauty of their teeth themselves. In the process of life, the color of the teeth fades, acquires a plaque and a yellowish tint. In order to have a brilliant smile and whiten your teeth, you can use the services of a dentist or buy a composition for a home procedure.
The color of the teeth changes due to the following reasons:
food, drinks with enhanced tintability;
bruised tooth;
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Which braces are better?

It is impossible to imagine the luxurious appeal of an image without a smile. It is a snow-white smile that gives a person naturalness, naturalness, intelligence and elegance.

A perfect smile consists of several essential components:

Smooth, beautiful teeth;
Snow-white enamel.
The natural shade of enamel is easily influenced by food and natural dyes, tobacco smoke and sugary drinks. In addition to regular brushing, in order to eliminate plaque and hard deposits, it is necessary to carry out professional brushing in the dentist’s office. Professional cleaning is a harmless and painless procedure, recommended for once every 6 months. Continue reading

Implants and natural teeth: how to properly care for the oral cavity after installation?

Teeth are not just a human organ. Teeth – this is a component of an attractive smile, it is the reason for the admiration of others, it is a good mood on any cloudy day.

For many, beautiful teeth became the reason for career growth, for others – the reason for success on the personal front. Well, always and for all, healthy teeth are the key to a person’s success. Therefore, teeth must be protected, which in our time is very difficult.

Dirty ecology, chlorinated water, an excess of sugar in many dishes are common causes of decay and tooth loss. Unfortunately, not many managed to save an attractive smile after several decades. Continue reading

How to overcome children's fear of a dentist?
It is no secret that some children and even adults are afraid of visiting a dentist. They are frightened and brought to tears only by the thought of a hike,…


What is surgical dentistry?
From the name itself, it is obvious what the dental surgeon does, but most people still don’t know the complete list of procedures and tasks that he solves. From the…


Dentistry: orthodontics - what it includes
Teeth play an important role. Teeth are needed to eat and speak, they are important for a pleasant smile and a cheerful laugh. A person with crooked teeth may find…


Is it possible to do teeth whitening with fillings?
The teeth have a natural white color, but over time, a change occurs, age or poor-quality care causes damage, tooth decay appears. Most people therefore have fillings. But what to…