When can I fully chew on dental implants?
Implantation is the modern and best way to restore teeth and create an attractive smile. Implantation is the modern and best way to restore teeth and create an attractive smile.…

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Which braces are better?
It is impossible to imagine the luxurious appeal of an image without a smile. It is a snow-white smile that gives a person naturalness, naturalness, intelligence and elegance. A perfect…

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Implants and natural teeth: how to properly care for the oral cavity after installation?
Teeth are not just a human organ. Teeth - this is a component of an attractive smile, it is the reason for the admiration of others, it is a good…

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What means \ methods whiten teeth

A smile carries away, a modest touches, a good console, a sincere pleases. Well-groomed teeth are part of the smile.

Someone is lucky from birth, while others need to take care of the beauty of their teeth themselves. In the process of life, the color of the teeth fades, acquires a plaque and a yellowish tint. In order to have a brilliant smile and whiten your teeth, you can use the services of a dentist or buy a composition for a home procedure.
The color of the teeth changes due to the following reasons:
food, drinks with enhanced tintability;
bruised tooth;
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In what cases do dentists treat teeth under general anesthesia?

Dentistry is an ancient science that studies, researches and develops methods for treating teeth, gums and the jaw apparatus. There are more and more new and loyal methods of dental treatment for adults and children, because it is the dentist who is especially afraid of the dentist.

Why is there a fear of a dentist?
Toothache can be acute, piercing or, conversely, prolonged and aching. Any of these conditions negatively affects the psychological state of the patient and going to the doctor seems even more terrible than patience with a toothache. Also, in the memory of many adult patients were doctors who did not use enough anesthesia and pain was sharply felt during treatment. Continue reading

Instructions for visiting a dentist consultation, what you need to know, what to expect?

The dentist in the office consults daily. This is necessary for the doctor as well as the patient. What interests the doctor first of all? And what can you get in consultation?

In order for the dentist consultation to benefit you, you need to prepare for it in advance. Think over the questions that you would like to ask the dentist, you can even write them down.

As a rule, consultation begins with simple communication – it is necessary to create a trusting atmosphere. She will help you and the doctor to focus on your health. During the conversation, try to answer the doctor’s questions accurately and specifically. Continue reading

5 reasons to cure baby teeth
Some parents believe that it is not necessary to treat milk teeth, because in their place they have to grow up permanent - healthy and strong. However, this approach is…


Is it possible to do teeth whitening with fillings?
The teeth have a natural white color, but over time, a change occurs, age or poor-quality care causes damage, tooth decay appears. Most people therefore have fillings. But what to…


Children's dentistry: what do parents need to know about?
Why do you need children's dentistry Dental care is important at any age. As soon as milk teeth appeared, the child must be taught to brush his teeth correctly, to…


What braces are best for a teenager: vestibular or lingual?
A man is happy when he is satisfied with himself. When he has a high self-esteem and significant success in his studies / career. An important role in this is…