When is it better to place an implant: immediately after removal or after a while?
Nature ordered that an adult have 32 teeth. Teeth help to chew food, are involved in the correct pronunciation of words and, of course, give the image an aesthetic appeal.…

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Children's dentistry: what do parents need to know about?
Why do you need children's dentistry Dental care is important at any age. As soon as milk teeth appeared, the child must be taught to brush his teeth correctly, to…

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What fix braces?
If the position of the teeth is inconvenient and makes you feel insecure, orthodontic treatment is necessary. The most popular option for resolving such problems is with a bracket. Most…

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any stage of the process

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When does the need arise and how does tooth root removal go?

Removing the tooth root is carried out in the clinical case when it is impossible to cure and preserve the tooth. Teeth – an organ of the human body that is most susceptible to destruction, based on a number of multiple reasons.

Indications for tooth root extraction:
If the root of the decayed tooth provokes the formation of cysts;
If the root of the tooth has crumbled due to injury or illness;
If crown damage is observed (transverse);
With a pronounced dentofacial anomaly.
The operation to remove the root of the tooth does not pose a particular danger to the life of the patient. But, due to possible anatomical abnormalities, difficulties may arise during execution. Therefore, the removal of the root of the tooth should be carried out by dentists with a high level of qualification and many years of successful experience in surgical dentistry. Continue reading

ZOOM teeth whitening system: benefits and features of the procedure

What is the ZOOM teeth whitening system?

Luxurious snow-white smile, eye-catching dream of many, but not everyone managed to maintain strong teeth and beautiful color of enamel. A negative effect on the color change of enamel is provided by the diet (regular use of tea, coffee, sweet water and packaged juices). Also, a special threat to the natural color of enamel is a long smoking experience. The negative impact of the combustion process affects not only the condition of the lungs and blood vessels, but also on the health of the teeth.

In modern dentistry, there are several types of tooth brightening, which differ in the method of the procedure. Among the rest, the ZOOM procedure is especially popular. This method of restoring the color of enamel has many advantages, is the most modern and quite affordable.

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Basic methods and teeth whitening process

A snow-white smile is the key to success. That is precisely what a large half of the population of the countries of America and Europe believes. A smile is the first thing that people pay attention to when they get to know each other, making the following conclusions about the neatness and cleanliness of a person.

In addition to smooth and healthy teeth, the enamel color attracts special attention. According to statistics, every third inhabitant of the planet is dissatisfied with his smile, which has a yellow and gray tint. Ideally, tooth enamel is transparent, and the initial shade of the units is affected by the mineral composition of the dentin. As a rule, perfectly snow-white teeth with a predominantly matte surface are also not a sign of health, but on the contrary, are considered the primary call before the development of caries.

But, scientists have proved that there are risk factors that affect a significant change in the natural color of enamel. Faced with this problem, the patient is advised to go to the dentistry and get advice from a qualified specialist. Continue reading

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